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***Our message board is still FREE.***

Our original message board, established in 2008 is still up and running at:


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Our website has a brand new home.  Most of you remember us as Land of Milk and Honey.  Since we are the original Land of Milk and Honey, we’ve moved to make it clear just who’s who.

Not exactly, but allow me to explain a bit.  Months back we experienced some ‘technical difficulties’ and we were unable to keep our domain although we have maintained rights to all of our content.  We are in the process of going through our content and while we’re at it it’s a great time to do some house keeping.  We’ll be posting some of our old content as time allows.  Thankfully, during these changes the message board has not skipped a beat and has stood strong during the transitions.

In the meantime, the old domain is now back up and running under new ownership.   This is fine, although because the website launched on our former domain is dedicated to the same topic it has caused some confusion about where the original site content and message board is.  Our message board, still titled Land of Milk and Honey (2008) and our new website Gift of Milk (2015) is in no way affiliated with the former domain.  This website also is in no way affiliated with the former domain.

Some forum members having visited us before have expressed disappointment after paying to to join a forum in which they assumed was us which was not.  Because this topic is important to us and because we care about our community and our members, we see it as our responsibility to do what we can to make it lessen the confusion.

So… come on over and join us on the original Land of Milk and Honey message board; links posted above.  See you there.