Land of Milk and Honey Original is a website dedicated to adult breastfeeding relationships or adult nursing relationships, also called ABR or ANR.  This site is our detour to our new location at

detourGift of Milk houses the former Land of Milk and Honey content and the original message board established in 2008.  We are still the same group, only under a different name.  Land of Milk and Honey Original is an intentional effort to detour our community to our new website location and our long standing message board which has continued to serve our community even through the technical difficulties we have experienced earlier this year.

We are passionately involved offering information and support to couples and individuals seeking to engage in or who already are in an adult nursing relationship and even those inducing lactation on their own.  We offer the most detailed information on inducing lactation naturally including the Dr. Jim articles which are currently only available on our message board.  These articles will soon also be available on our main site Gift of Milk and links will be provided here.  Gift of Milk also has other articles of interest which were on our former site.

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